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How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Real World?

By USM Business Systems

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Real World?

08/31/2017 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a way of making a computer software think intelligently in the similar manner the intelligent humans think. Artificial intelligence is an integrated solution of machine learning, data science, data mining, computer vision, multi-agent systems, and evolutionary computation.
Artificial intelligence solutions are built on the idea of how human brains think, how a human learn new things, how they take decision, and how they work while trying to solve the problems.
Goals of Artificial intelligence
· To create expert systems that show intelligent behaviour and that is able to learn new things itself. The systems would have capacity to demonstrate and explain topics to users
· To implement human intelligence in machine: Creating systems that is able to understand, think, learn, and behave like a human.
Artificial intelligence is an integrated form of science and technology, which works based on the principles of computer science, biology, mathematics, and engineering. A major application of AI is the development of computer functions pertained to human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, and problem solving.
AI Technique is a way to organize and use the knowledge effectually in such a way that,
· It should be understandable by the people who provide it.
· It should be easily changeable to eliminate errors.
· It should be useful in many situations though it is unfinished or imperfect.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Virtual personal assistants:
Google Assistant and Cortana are all intelligent digital personal assistants. These personal assistant help find useful information when you ask for it by using voice. For example you can ask “where is the nearest hotel?”, “Set an alarm for 8 o’clock,” then the assistant responds by finding information on the web, finding it within the phone, or sending commands to other apps.
AI plays an important role in strategic game like chess, where machines can think of a large number of possible positions based on its knowledge.
Smart Cars:
A self-driving car is able to look ahead of the road and change decisions based on what it will see. These self-driving cars are already being used on the road as pilot projects, which indicate that these technologies are certainly on their way.
Fraud Detection
When an amount is debited from your account, certainly all banks send email or message. If you think that there had been a chance of fraud, artificial intelligence powered systems help to avoid that. Artificial intelligence is often the technology deployed to monitor and detect fraud.
Online customer support:
Some websites allow customers to chat with a customer support on the website but not all the websites actually would have a person at the other end of the line. In many cases, customer would talk to a chatbot powered by AI.
The way in which customers talk and the way in which computers talk is very different, and teaching a machine to translate between these two is difficult. But with advancement in natural language processing, it is becoming easy.
Security Surveillances:
It is difficult for a single person to monitor a number of video cameras and keep track of multiple monitors even in the good environment. Training computers to monitor those cameras makes a great deal of sense. With supervised training exercises, security algorithms can take input from security cameras and check whether there may be a threat. If it finds any threat or a warning sign, it alerts human security officers.
So that artificial intelligence plays an important role in these areas.
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