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What is the Role of UI and UX in Mobile App Development?

By USM Business Systems

What is the Role of UI and UX in Mobile App Development?

08/10/2017 Mobile app design is created according to its own set of rules and expectations, where creating a fluid user experience is a key task. User Interface(UI) defines how an app looks and interacts with a user. User Experience(UX) defines how an app feels from the user’s point of view.
There are many factors that are responsible for the success of a mobile app. UI design interface is one among those factors that plays a big role in launching a successful mobile app. There are many essential things to consider while designing a mobile app’s user interface.
Screen size and colour scheme are not just the key considerations for a mobile app design. A successful user experience should have capability to build engagement, improve retention rate and boost revenue and value. A well-designed app that’s attractive, easy to use, fun and addictive entices and retains its users.
Role of UI/UX in Mobile App:
A mobile app requires to perform well and provide users with exactly what they are looking for in order to be successful. This is truly possible when the app has a perfect UI/UX appdesign to create engaging experiences. The key reason why businesses develop an app is to build a brand image, enhance brand recognition, draw natural traffic and to increase revenue. A good UI/UX structure helps to attract users and eventually earn loyal customers. A good UI/UX makes app load faster and offers top-notch user experience in terms of navigation, look and feel to improve customer base.
Let us take Instagram as an example. Its design/layout is quite simple and the interface is easy to understand. The features shown on this app are clutter-free. All you need to do is scroll up and down and click on the camera icon to upload a picture.
UI design plays a key role in the usability of an app. This part covers elements.
UX on the other hand gives an overall impression of your business. It covers navigation and flows of the functionalities. If navigation is good, it engages users and the chances of uninstalling app will be less.
User experience as well as the design plays an important role in making a successful app.
Let us take WhatsApp as an example. It’s a user friendly app as well as quite easy to handle. The UI/UX of this app is quite splendid, thus attracting and retaining users effectively.
Some of the key elements of an efficient UI/UX design include:
Standardized elements:
Designers should use conventional elements like symbols, colours, icons and buttons that the users are very familiar with. Designers should also make sure simple visual and text elements are applied, so users wouldn’t need extra instructions to understand the working flow of the app. This enables them to use your app without any confusions.

Great speed
An efficient UI design never wastes users’ time. Remember, the longer the time the app takes to load, it loses users more quickly. To make this possible, upload compressed but quality files (contents).

The look of the app isn’t just crucial to attract a user. In fact, you should also make sure how it behaves with users in terms of flow, and reactions.

Maintain a uniform pattern throughout the design so that the users find it easy to understand and use.

Today businesses are paying utmost importance for UI and UX designing in mobile app development. An efficient UI/UX design meets end-user needs and helps to drive sales and earn loyal customers.
A compelling UI and UX of a mobile application can work as a differentiator and help to build a unique value proposition for mobile application. From a business perspective, it is utmost important to have a well synchronized UI and UX in mobile application for customer satisfaction. Good UI/UX design can help to generate more revenue and build reputation of your brand.
To bring out a successful app, you need to keep UI/UX in mind. The easier it is using an app, the simpler it is to manage it, and the high chances you will succeed with your app.
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