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Make Call Center Interiors Agent-Friendly

By (v)WeCare Technology

Make Call Center Interiors Agent-Friendly

09/01/2017 According to the Chinese Philosophical System, Feng Shui, every place has its own energies that should be harmonized in order to make it feel comfortable and lively. The invisible forces have an impact on our well-being and even our productivity, which is the reason why a lot of people have started using Feng Shui techniques to create a positive environment in their homes and workplace. This is actually one of the most widely deployed philosophical systems, especially in the corporate world; today, even the multinational giants rely on it to harmonize the energies in their corporate spaces. Call centers are one amongst numerous businesses that are following Feng Shui and this trend is globally accepted by many leaders in the domain. However, it is crucial that enterprises in this domain realize that a Chinese Philosophical System is just one good element for a workspace. There are a lot more things that should necessarily be a part of a dynamic workspace like a call center. Following are a few of the crucial requisites that call center owners should invest in to give a great work environment to their agents:
Firstly, the comfort of agents should be prioritized while designing a workspace to deliver quality customer service. When an agent will be comfortable while working, he sure will be more productive. So, anything from revolving chair to ergonomic work stations should be a part of your commercial space.
Another crucial thing is to remember that call center agents have a time constraint; they cannot be away from their desks for long during shift hours. So, places that they need to visit during shift hours, including washrooms and pantry area should be near their work stations. No matter how much space you have occupied for your office; it is suggested to not keep these areas away from the place where agents work.
Corporate spaces are dull and lifeless because there is so much solemnity in the environment, which is why making the interiors colorful and bright can be a great idea. Bright colors on walls and furniture with inspiring quotes and paintings can give a lively atmosphere to your workplace.
You must have heard that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy and who needs dull and lifeless zombies working for them. So, designing a little gaming zone will be a great idea even in a frenzied workspace like call centers. This will keep your employees entertained and happy throughout the day, which sure will result in increased productivity.

These are just a few ideas to remodel call center interiors but by following them you can certainly expect great results.

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