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7 Newborn Photography Tips to Capture Amazing Baby Pictures!

By Tiana Creation

7 Newborn Photography Tips to Capture Amazing Baby Pictures!

Newborn photography Los Angeles is fun, but to capture perfect shots you need to act like a pro. Here are some tips to help you produce gorgeous baby photos.

Of all types of photography, it is perhaps newborn photography that poses the toughest challenges for the person behind the camera. Capturing landscapes or clicking pictures of a model who knows to follow instructions might not be as toilsome as capturing newborns that are pretty unpredictable with their behavior and moods.
In this article, we bring you some useful tips and guides on newborn photography Los Angeles.

Get the Parent Prepared
First thing first! The number 1 rule to click gorgeous pictures is to get the object involved. Here, you are supposed to inform the parent beforehand about the photography session and what it entails. A professional newborn photographer Los Angeles should send the email templates to the mommy and daddy well in advance, so they can get well prepared. Share with them the timing, equipment and props used and expected length of the session. Suggest the mom feed the baby about half an hour before the session starts.

Natural is the Best Pose!
Most maternity and newborn photographers come with some exclusive poses in their mind. However, you cannot deny it that the best photos are always the ones unplanned and inspired by the baby’s natural gestures. Be it the cute dimples, wobbling lips or big beautiful eyes, the natural poses reflect the real beauty of the baby.

Baby’s Safety Comes First
It goes without saying that newborn’s safety should always be your priority. Although there could be lots of tips on this point, we would suggest you use your common sense. Make sure that the props you use have no hard or sharp object. Place the newborn on a comfortable and steady surface. Rearrange the prop if the baby is crying.

Mom is the Best Companion
Mother’s love for her baby is unconditional. And therefore she makes a perfect companion for the baby photo shoot. So get in the photo session. These photos would be a perfect gift for her for now and a wonderful treasure to cherish for the years to come. But remember that she is likely to be exhausted soon and could get uncomfortable due to the pain she has been through. So be gentle with her and encourage her to be comfortable.

Gear up with the right equipment
No doubt your interpersonal skill is crucial to capture the best shots. But you should also not overlook the importance of proper lighting, creative props, right angles and a suitable camera. Being a professional maternity and newborn photographer Los Angles, you’re expected to have the right equipment with you.

Pick the Right Timeframe
The best time for newborn photography is within the first 2 weeks of birth. At this time, babies are easier to handle as they sleep for most of the day.

Use the Perfect Color Combo
After you have creative props, it needs the perfect color combo to produce those adorable pictures. Do your homework before you go for the photography session. Pick color that matches the props and backdrops you employ. Pink, blue and yellow are some popular colors used in newborn photography.

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Tiana Creation

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