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Sun or Shade? Have the Best of Both Worlds

By Alpine Shade Masters, Inc

Sun or Shade? Have the Best of Both Worlds

10/05/2022 This is an introduction for sun lovers and shade seekers who’re looking for a balanced design in the backyard, which everyone can appreciate. Find relief from the heat in your outdoor living space, the pool area, or in the garden while admiring the splendor of the sun. For a good start in finding what can be done to get the said pleasure, look up shade sail designs in Denver, CO.

Shade sails are not as simple as they look. It might give you that impression because they’re installed permanently and seem effortless to put up. The installation process is not just a matter of stretching the shade and hitching the corners to a turnbuckle, which adjusts the tension of the fabric. If you’re not experienced enough in how it’s done, leave it to somebody who knows how.

Setting It Up The Right Way

Keep in mind that choosing the right color and design of the shade sail isn’t all there is for a breezy sanctuary in the backyard. There are also other factors to consider:

  • Know the Sun’s Position – Before you determine the best place for the canopy to cast its shadow, establish where the sun will be at the time of the day when you’d want shade on your favorite spot. Get advice from shade installers.

  • Get the Right Height – More important than having a great-looking sail is getting a good amount of shade. The height of the canopy will have a lot to do with this. If it’s reasonably low, there’s more shade and space to enjoy. If you install it too high, some of the shade is lost as it doesn’t get cast on where you’d want it to be at a given time.

  • The Best Design – Don’t simply go for triangular shade sails. They might be easier to put up as there are only three fixing points to fasten to the turnbuckles, but they’re unimaginatively flat in layout and give very little shade. Instead of the triangular shape, go for the four-corner canopy. Why?

    First, there’s nearly double the shade in a rectangular or square canopy. Second, when two opposite corners are positioned higher than the other two opposite ends, it gives the shade sail an artistic touch. This also prevents rainwater from accumulating into pools as the position of the canopy assures a run-off. However, it would be fine if you use two triangular shade sails for your area.

The Different Types of Shade Sails
There are various canopies to choose from to turn your backyard into an airy activity center that blocks the sun on the patio, the playground, the garden, and the pool area. They are structures that are made to minimize the summer heat. You can avail of various shade sail designs such as:

  • Fixed Shade Sail – This is your ordinary square sail design that has been stitched together. It’s then pulled out tight for strength and to prevent it from flapping. This is made to stretch over a garden setting.

  • Retractable Shade Sail – It’s an accordion-like canopy that you can stretch out and provide protection from the sun. At night, it can be folded back in place so you can sit under the night sky. However, it’s not made of waterproof material.

  • Fabric Shade Sail – This is the type of canopy that uses monofilament weave just to provide shade in your preferred area. As the name suggests, it’s simply a piece of reinforced fabric that keeps a particular place from being directly hit by the sun. Lower your expectation of its longevity though. They rarely last longer than a couple of years.

  • Waterproof Shade Sails – It’s the best option for a canopy for one very obvious reason. It’s made from PVC, Polyfab, or woven acrylic fiber making it water-resistant. It doesn’t only protect you from the sun, but it also covers you from the rain. This also comes in many colors.

Best of All
Over and above knowing how to set up shade sails and what are the different types available to you, the following positives are available to those who want to enjoy the sunny outdoors. You can avail of shade installations from a trusted shade sail company in Denver.

With the said stylish covers, you’re protected from an overdose of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. You can play, eat, and even study outside comfortably with the best ventilation there is. You’ll have to admit that having shaded sails at the back of the house brightens up the place considerably.

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