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When to replace locks

By Buford GA Locksmith

When to replace locks

01/29/2018 “When do I replace my locks?” This question is sometimes asked of our technicians here at Buford GA Locksmith. Customers want to know if they have to replace their lock or if a simple rekey job will suffice. We always give them the same, correct answer. “That depends!” In reality, there is no one-size fits all answer for a question like that. Each lock is different and the people using it are all unique in their lock and key needs and uses. The best thing you can do is to discuss your situation with one of our technicians or a locksmith from another full-service, licensed, bonded and insured locksmith shop here in Buford, Georgia.
The difference between rekey and replace
They are as different as night and day! It’s totally up to you which option, if any, that you want. Let’s start with rekeys. When a rekey is done on your lock, the locksmith leaves the lock in place and only alters the lock insides by changing the springs and pins. The end result is that you will need to use new keys in order to operate the lock. Rekeys are less expensive than full lock replacement and can often suffice when the issue is key control. Let’s say that one of your kids lost his house key at school and it was missing for a few days. You gave him a new one to use but often wondered if anyone found his lost key and possibly made a duplicate of it. Can you live with the nagging doubt of possible extra keys floating about or do you feel safer starting fresh with new keys? In this example, there is no direct need for a lock replacement; all you need is to make the old keys useless. A rekey job will do that.
Okay, how about replacements? If rekeys cost less, and are just as good; why not just do those? Again, it depends on your particular needs. Let’s say that you came home from work, ready to eat dinner and watch something on television. You notice something odd – the front door lock is damaged and has obviously been tampered with. In this case, altering the inside pins is not going to be enough. You don’t need new keys, you need a new lock! Are crime break-ins the only reason to replace locks? No, of course not! You may have aged locks that are not quite as strong as they once were. Or, you might have perfectly great locks but decided to upgrade them to better quality, stronger ones. Our in-house locksmith experts are often called upon to replace home or business locks with high security ones. These locks are virtually impossible to pick or pry open as they are specially made with solid materials instead of the “just good enough” hollow locks that are pretty standard.

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