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03/24/2020 10 key considerations when creating successful directory listings and citations
For any business looking to try and build directory listings, it’s so important that you do it right. Even if you hire the best SEO service, your online business listings still need to follow a certain style. If you would like to make sure you get the right kind of citation building, you need to follow a certain protocol. To help you add local citations that do the job they should, we’ve put together a simple selection of ideas for you to look through below. So, what can you do to make sure your citations are A-OK?
List your business correctlyMaking sure that your business is listed with the right business name, address, and phone number is vital. That might seem obvious, but many business directory listings are littered with mistakes that limit your performance.
Use high PR directoriesMake sure you look for directories in your country that you can easily use to help make the process a bit simpler. With the help of the right directory, you can make it much easier to start getting regular custom.
Select the right categoryAlso, be sure to pick the right category when building your directory listings. It’s very important to ensuring you don’t get lumped in with the wrong industry, liming your citation building results.
Utilise geo-tagged imageryMake sure you upload as many images and video as you are allowed to use on each directory listing. Also, be sure to geo-tag images before uploading so they can easily be found and directed to your location.
Use standardised informationWhen you made your Google My Business account, you should have included some very specific information. Use the same information (written uniquely) for each of your citation building jobs to make sure information becomes standardised throughout.
Don’t use toll-free numbersTry and avoid using a toll-free number as part of your listing. These put people off and it can make people unlikely to give you a call. Instead, use a more professional number to boot your results.
Optimise with keywordsMake sure you get some keywords included as part of your description, too. Use the best SEO services, such as Google Keyword Planner, to find locally-specific keywords that are worth trying to use in your content.
Avoid duplicationMake sure you write every listing from scratch. Your online business listings all must be unique, or it can cause more than a few problems for you later on down the line. Avoid duplication to escape Google penalisation.
Use niche directoriesIf you find some niche directories for your industry – aimed at tradesman, for example – then you should use them. These will work extremely well as niche directories will draw in a very specific audience looking for what you offer.
Save login details for each listingWith so many local citations to add out there, create an Excel document or spreadsheet document with each login. This will ensure that you can log in and update them as information changes and as your business adjusts. This will ensure easier, quicker login moving forward.
Still need help?If you need help with citation building, then you can contact our team today. We’re experts in online business listings and can give you a great price. With a fee of only $0.50 per listing, we make sure you can get your listings uploaded, prepared, and optimised without any issue!

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