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Basmenet Flood Damage Cleanup

By DryHero Water & Mold

Basmenet Flood Damage Cleanup

08/26/2020 In Lincoln, Nebraska, our homes are exposed to a broad spectrum of weather events that can lead to flooding and water damage in basements. From my 30+ years of experience in water damage restoration and remediation, the most critical decision is to respond and react promptly to the flooding event. Time is your enemy when it comes to water damage and the longer you wait to mitigate the damage, the more costly the repairs may be.
Our customer service perspective at DryHero is to provide old fashioned honest advice to Nebraska residents when they are dealing with a flooded basement. As the owner of DryHero, I have always done my best to consult with our clients regarding what is best for them, not what’s best for DryHero or their insurance carriers. We simply provide them with the facts and then let the client decide what’s best for their home and their family.
If you have a flooded basement it’s important to follow some very basic rules for properly drying things out and avoiding issues such as bacteria odors or mold growth.
Emergency Water Removal – remove as much bulk water as quickly as possible.
Air Flow – rapid, intense air flow is the primary driver for evaporating water from wet materials.
Dehumidification – all the air flow in the world isn’t going to cause evaporation without dehumidification…it’s one of the main components for evaporating water.
Temperature – depending on the materials involved, the temperature of the drying environment will impact damage to materials and how effectively water evaporates.
Verification – the key to avoiding mold growth is verifying that the materials are dry enough to head off it’s growth…only sensitive moisture testing devices are capable of detecting hidden moisture in drywall, wood, framing, etc.

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