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Strategic Use Of Color in Web Design Conversions Inflation

By Fine Point Design

Strategic Use Of Color in Web Design Conversions Inflation

07/05/2019 How Strategic Use of Color in Web Design Can Increase Conversions

Are you offering a newsletter? Then every person who subscribes to it is a conversion. You can say the same for visitors who willingly provide you with information through a contact form. And when someone buys whatever your website is offering, then you are at the receiving end of what many people call the ultimate conversion.
Of course, all webmasters want to get as many conversions as possible. Increasing conversions involve many factors, and the use of color in web design solutions is one of them.
Color Psychology
Red – Red is widely regarded as the color of passion. Love, sex, and even jealousy and anger readily come to mind when we see red. In the world of marketing, red is often used in material for clearance sales and other events that require a sense of urgency.
Blue – Many companies use blue in their logos and other corporate materials. The possible reason for this is that the color blue is associated with qualities like reliability, security, trust, safety, and intelligence, and all businesses would want to project themselves as possessing all of them. Blue is also regarded as the coolest color and is perceived to evoke feelings of calmness and serenity as well.
White – The healthcare industry is one of the biggest users of white, likely because it denotes cleanliness and hygiene. White also represents virtue, purity, and innocence in the western world, and it’s the reason why wedding dresses are almost always white.
Green – Green is already synonymous to the environment. In fact, the two words are often used interchangeably. So it would be completely peculiar if an organization that pushes for an environmentalist and conservationist agenda does not have a hint of green for its pages.
The color, however, isn’t just about the environment. The business world also likes green because it’s also associated with decisiveness.
One bonus fact about green: our brain processes it quite easily, and that’s why it’s often regarded as just as cool as blue.
Black – Never mind that in general, black will always be linked to darkness and death. Black is a very elegant color, which is probably why it is are often used in ads for high-end products. Black also projects power, authority, strength, and of course, beauty, hence the phrase “black is beautiful.”
Yellow – No other color projects as much joy and warmth as yellow. It is hands-down the most cheerful color of all, with some people claiming that they feel more optimistic and younger whenever they’re around something yellow.
After you project's completion, check your work thoroughly and only after that publish you work. To Determine the combination you have used in your masterpiece which is going to get you a lot of conversations.

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