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Becoming An Effective Broker

By Gaps Insurance

Today the Insurance Industry is in a state of constant flux. Regulations, the economy, and societal expectations evolve the Client’s needs and wants so that nothing is ever constant. It is the duty of the Broker to remain up to speed so as to properly serve their Client. To achieve this goal, all effective insurance Brokers share some of the following core qualities in one way or another.

People Skills:
First and foremost, in order to become an effective Broker one must be good with people. Brokers, who listen carefully to what their Clients say, will earn their respect and confidence. Listening to the Client helps you to empathize with them on a deeper level, allowing you to
discern what they really want or need. Keep in mind that most successful Brokers feel that those who are willing to put the needs of the Clients before their own will be more successful. So if that means suggesting a product with a lower commission, do it. In the end, a happy Client will always come back.

When dealing with a Client, one of the first things they wonder is if they can trust you. Part of garnering that trust, is presenting to them that you know what you’re talking about. A good Broker will offer their Client a clear and concise explanation of the products and services that are available to them.

In order to do this, the agent must be able to understand the tax and legal aspects of the product he/she sells. To further their knowledge as well as earn credentials most successful Brokers go on to earn certifications in financial planning and counseling.
Set Goals:
There is a saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your career. Successful
Brokers didn’t become what they are by winging everything. To achieve success, they set goals to help them continually advance their business. Start small, and grow from there. Set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. To get you started here are some examples:

  • Handout promotional material, daily.
  • Talk to 5 potential Consumers, weekly.
  • Check on 5 current Clients, weekly.
  • 100 cold calls, monthly.

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