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20 Eye Catching Wallpaper Design Ideas for Any Room

By Giffywalls

20 Eye Catching Wallpaper Design Ideas for Any Room

01/21/2023 Looking for some wallpaper design ideas?

In this blog, we share 20 of our favorite designs to help get your creative juices flowing. From modern to traditional, there's something for everyone!
Royal Tropic

The Royal Tropic wallpaper features an impressive image of a royal Mughal nobleman riding on an elephant in a lush tropical forest. It is the perfect way to bring natural beauty and grandeur into any room in your home. Ballerina

Ballerina dancing is a beloved art form around the world, and an iconic repeat pattern of ballerinas has now been turned into beautiful wallpaper for wall designs! Fab Forestry

Fab Forestry is a unique watercolor wall mural depicting a lush, vibrant green plant-filled forest. Perfect for adding an inviting and natural environment to your walls, the gorgeous rich greens illustrated in the exquisite artwork are sure to bring the outdoors inside your home. Cosmos

Make your kid's room an intergalactic dream with this space-themed wallpaper, featuring illustrations of planets rockets, and stars floating through a velvety night sky. Fairy Castle

Create a fantastical world with a Fairy Castle wallpaper mural. White Poppies

White poppies are a symbol of peace, used to commemorate those who have lost their lives in war. The idea of using white poppies to remember the fallen was first suggested by an American woman in the 1920s. Horses in Haste

Horses in haste? Look no further than our collection of running horses wallpaper murals! Whether you want to evoke the power of a galloping herd on your walls or just add some drama to your home decor, these captivating visuals are sure to capture your attention. Pearly Whale

Introducing the charming Pearly Whale Wallpaper Mural, designed to bring a splash of color to any child's room decor. Featuring bright and playful hues, this hand-painted mural showcases an array of iconic ocean creatures, among them the beloved humpback whale. The perfect finishing touch to a child's world of wonder! Sakura

Sakura is a beautiful flower that has become an iconic part of Japanese culture. The delicate pink petals of the Sakura symbolize grace, beauty, and innocence, but also conjure up feelings of memorability, fleeting time, and transience. The Bloom

The Bloom is a collection of vibrant peel and stick wallpaper murals featuring a variety of flowers and shrubs. These wallpapers bring the colors and beauty of nature right into your home with stunning detail and exquisite designs. Heliconia

Heliconia is a tropical plant found in the Americas and Southeast Asia that is often referred to as a "false bird of paradise" for its showy and colorful flowers. Mountainous

This landscape wallpaper features a majestic mountain that is sure to bring a touch of grandeur to any room. Jungle Botanical

Jungle Botanical Wallpaper adds an instant layer of style and sophistication to any room's decor. Gild Gray Line Stone

Bring a classic, timeless look to your space with Marble Gold Grey Line Wallpaper. Shooter

Shooter wallpaper mural features detailed landscapes, cityscapes, and architectural scenes, perfect for creating a unique, stylish look in your home or business. White Cranes

Japanese White Cranes are beautiful, graceful birds whose feathers have long been admired in Eastern cultures. Asian

Asian art has long been celebrated for its intricate patterns, vivid colors, and mesmerizing landscapes. Birdie

Birdie Wallpaper Murals offer a visually stunning way to decorate walls. Gouache

Gouache is a water-based paint made from pigment suspended in a binder, similar to acrylic or oil paints. Biplane

Give your kids’ room a touch of aviation history with Biplane In The Sky Wallpaper.

Ultimately, creating the perfect wallpaper for any room requires careful consideration of both the style and the purpose of the space. By considering the many possibilities for eye-catching wallpapers including patterned, textured, and painted finishes, you can achieve a unique look that reflects your individual style. With some creativity and inspiration from these 20 wallpaper ideas, you're sure to find just what you're looking for!

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