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Importance of Waterproofing a Building

By New York Roofing and Waterproofing Inc.

Importance of Waterproofing a Building

12/09/2010 Residential, commercial and industrial waterproofing is an important task for managing the buildings of New York; especially when there are severe weather conditions existing in the area such as rain and snow. Waterproofing is an important consideration while constructing a commercial, industrial or residential building in the New York City. In order to extend the life cycle and to shield your building for years to come you must seek for an experienced New York waterproofing company. Usually waterproofing is not given enough priority as required and as a result, a cheap and inappropriate option is used. This leads to consequential losses that can be disastrous for the owner of the building or property.

The concept of waterproofing was derived to avoid water and humidity related issues that can adversely affect the construction. It is an essential part for maintaining a good structure. A well planned waterproof structure protects buildings against the damages caused by leaks, seeping water and humidity. New York waterproofing companies provide solutions that need less of care and maintenance. Thus the key role of an encapsulated waterproofing contractor is very vital for the life of a building.

Why Waterproofing is important?
• A leak in the residential apartment is annoying and unhealthy for the occupant.
• A leak in the commercial property can affect the business in many ways. For example, if a store has leaks, then one won’t be able to store their inventory there.
• A leak in the industrial building can harm the merchandise.

Causes of leaks in the new and old buildings:

New buildings also leak because of three reasons:
• Design problems (the way a building is designed).
• Poor workmanships.
• Inferior quality materials.

Old building leaks:

There can be many reasons for leaks in old buildings.
• Roofs - Majority of the leaks are from old roofs or not properly installed roofs.
• Inside face of parapet wall. Many leaks are noticeable from the inside face of parapet walls when tar has been coated on the wall.
• Outside face of parapet wall. Old buildings leak from cracks, open mortar joints or pores brick work.
• Skylights - Leaks can come from the skylight if it is old, if skylight glasses are cracked, or was not installed properly.
• Roof drains - Roofs can leak from the drain if they are not professionally installed or damaged.
• Leaders and gutters - Many leaks come from behind the gutters and leaders when rusted so water penetrates through the walls especially when walls are not water proofed.
• Window frames - Lots of buildings get leaks from window frames when the caulking and capping is improper.
• Window lintels and sills - Steel lintel gets rusted over time and bends downward leaving a space between the lintel and the brick work. This space leads to leaks.

In order to resolve the leak problems an expert must visit and evaluate. It is important to find a qualified New York roofing company that has experience and know how to do the job. In order to protect your building you must seek for a reliable and reputed New York waterproofing company. There are different techniques and products available in the market for waterproofing. Waterproofing the structure through right techniques requires high level of skills and planning.

About the author:
Zafar Bhutta has the experience of 30 years in this industry of roofing and waterproofing

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