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How Can Waiting Room Toys Improve Cognition in Kids?

By Oribel

How Can Waiting Room Toys Improve Cognition in Kids?

12/20/2019 Holidays have begun. Usually, retail stores, gift shops, doctors’ clinics, churches, etc. have more visitors than at any other time of the year. Cozy and cheerful waiting rooms are a big draw for parents with kids. Waiting room toys can keep kids engaged in creative activities while parents can go about the tasks.
Over the years, waiting room games too have undergone a makeover on their designs like every other products. Toy designers have extended the utility of products by bridging the gap between fun and learning. It has got a big leg-up after the introduction of STEM toys.

A Short Note on STEM Toys

STEM or science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based education aims to promote cognition in learners. It is a big shift in the traditional learning set-up which primarily put emphasis on memorizing the lessons-taught. STEM education aims at promoting critical thinking, creativity and innovation in learners.
Waiting rooms with STEM toys can extend the purpose. Also, it doesn’t need a huge investment.

A Few Examples of Waiting Room Toys

STEM toys for waiting rooms can keep kids engaged in fun and learning activities.

1. STEM marble runs: The traditional marble runs are getting an interesting twist with the introduction of dominos. Placing the ramps for marbles to build runs never became this much interesting!
STEM marble runs look easy. However, kids need to apply reasoning to place tracks at the right places so that marbles can move freely to reach the end caps.
The game sparks the spirit of innovation in kids. Just like real-life situations where we use trial and error methods to solve problems, kids need to apply the same to assemble ramps for building marble runs.
STEM marble runs inspire kids to take engineering as their profession.

2. Activity Centers: Ideal for kids of a few months, Activity Centers can delight, intrigue and develop kids’ imagination. Activity Centers come with different toys that help kids build a fairytale of their own.
Kids are naturally imaginative. Activity Centers and House of Fun fuel creativity and imagination in kids, giving a leg-up to their inner storyteller.
Some products come along with matching stools. These products promote group activities.

3. Wall-mounted toys: STEM wall toys comprise of not just a few but multiple games. Some teach kids about flora and fauna without missing the fun. Kids can build their own terrariums with magnetic pieces.
There are wall toys that teach kids about music. Some just spark the emotion of wonder in kids. Wall toys with rhyme characters are also very popular.

Waiting rooms with STEM toys can make a difference to the popularity of a service provider. Though other factors are equally important, parents would naturally love to visit a shop or a clinic where they can indulge in tasks without worrying about kids.

STEM toys for a few year old kids can extend the function of waiting rooms. STEM toys are easily available on good online and offline stores. Building a cool waiting room for kids is not difficult for services.

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