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Physicians and doctors take note – reviews, surveys and transparency are more essential than ever

By PatientTrak

Physicians and doctors take note – reviews, surveys and transparency are more essential than ever

10/30/2018 Today we are seeing a trend of greater transparency in healthcare. And this is a good thing. Patients feel more assured than ever and make better-informed choices. The emphasis is on doctors and healthcare providers to treat a patient respectfully and professionally at all times, which is the same way any business would be expected to treat its customers.
Understanding physician Transparency
While physician transparency is important, we have to understand a few issues. In order to be truly transparent, it’s important:

  • All comments get published and every rating counts towards the average overall rating

  • An unbiased and independent site should be hosting any online comments to make sure that the most flattering reviews aren’t handpicked and highlighted, while the less desirable ones left out

  • Allowing the physician to respond to comments allows them to have “their say” in the matter and give context

The exception is that unfit comments should rightfully be excluded. Especially if they contain profanity, offensive content or are completely irrelevant.
Physician surveys – how to get excellent feedback
Physician surveys are a great way of getting patient feedback. It especially helps to get them filled out as soon as a patient is seen so that the experience is fresh in the patient’s head. Not only are they a great way to get honest and unbiased feedback, but a doctor’s willingness to be transparent and give the patient a chance to communicate their view will enhance a doctor’s credibility. It shows they have nothing to hide.
There is also an issue of competitiveness. The role of a physician isn’t directly competitive. After all, the purpose is to provide care and implement solutions for healthcare. However, in a sense of being a better doctor and being better at one’s job, the implementation of surveying can invoke an attitude of self-improvement.
Physician review management helps us all
An increasingly important aspect of healthcare marketing is physician review management. It’s best to automate this and make the most out of the technology that is currently available.
Ideally, a healthcare provider wants to know the star ratings of all locations and physicians. Keeping the results up to date and regularly reviewed is imperative. After analyzing the data you can make data-driven decisions.
The most important issue is that the data and feedback gathered is actually acted on. It makes no sense to invest in any kind of review process if you’re just going to ignore the results. The process gives you direct and honest feedback. You will learn something This is a golden resource to improve the service a healthcare provider gives.
If a physician is receiving a lot of bad reviews, then this should be investigated immediately. For example, perhaps you have a great doctor, who always makes the right decisions and has many years of experience. However, the personality of this doctor isn’t particularly empathetic. After receiving a bunch of bad reviews and comments, it is clear that something needs to be done. However, because we can clearly see that the doctor is doing a great job in terms of healthcare, it’s the interpersonal skills of the doctor that need addressing. Perhaps you send him on a training course and now he learns to give a better patient experience by listening to concerns more patiently than before.
The era of accountability – patient reviews of doctors
If you find yourself in need of a doctor, then you don’t just have to turn up at your local provider or trust the advice of a friend. Just do a simple search on the web and you’ll find countless information that includes patient reviews of doctors. This is particularly useful if you find a review from someone that has had to go through something similar to what you are currently experiencing.
On the other hand, for a doctor, you’re going to find yourself needing to be more accountable than ever. No longer will every single patient trust you blindly because you’re “the doctor” and have that authority over the patient. The patient now has information and choice at their fingertips and reviews from their peers can be the greatest difference maker when deciding whether to pay you a visit and entrust you as their physician.
Thorough transparency in the healthcare industry is more important than ever. Especially when it comes to millennial, who always “shop around” regardless of what a service is, and will always seek out credible, non-biased information to form the base of their decision making.
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