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Shoulder Pain Treatment in NJ

By Redefine Healthcare Edison Office

Shoulder Pain Treatment in NJ

01/13/2021 Simple movements like turning the wrong way or throwing a ball can lead to troubling shoulder pain. It may just be a muscle strain, but you may have done serious damage to one of the many soft tissues in your shoulder. Another possibility is an underlying medical condition like arthritis. Visit one of our shoulder pain injury treatment specialists at Redefine Healthcare, a NJ pain management clinic (with six convenient locations in New Jersey) for a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your shoulder pain.

You’ve just finished helping your best friend move into their new place and now you’re experiencing significant shoulder pain. Someone just rear-ended you at the stoplight and you notice left shoulder pain from your seat belt. That last golf shot triggered noticeable right shoulder pain, and you’re worried about maintaining your handicap.

All of these incidences and more can contribute to your need to seek shoulder pain treatment. Your pain management doctor in NJ at Redefine Healthcare works hard to treat the root cause of your shoulder pain so you can return to the things that matter to you. Pinpointing whether your shoulder pain comes from a muscle or ligament injury or involves the shoulder joint lets your shoulder pain doctor determine the best treatment possible for you.

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain
The shoulder is one of the most commonly used joints in the body. For this reason, shoulder pain is prone to different problems and medical conditions leading to shoulder pain, swelling, difficulties moving the shoulder into different directions, decreased motility, etc. Shoulder pain occurs when the shoulder joint experiences a problem, or the tissues surrounding it.

Although shoulder pain may arise from arthritis or even indicate a heart condition as you age, when you’re younger, it’s usually caused by injury or strain. Some of the conditions our physicals will check for include injuries to or because of:

Arthritis in the Shoulder
There are various forms of arthritis, and they can all affect the shoulder joint. Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, is an autoimmune disorder caused by the attack of the synovium by the immune system. When this occurs in the shoulder joint, inflammation causes a hindrance to joint movement and pain when the joint is moved.

Osteoarthritis develops with age as the cartilage within the joint wears off due to overuse. This form of arthritis too leads to inflammation and pain when the joint is moved, and can also be the cause of shoulder pain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for either forms of arthritis.

Injury and trauma
The shoulder joint is surrounded by muscle, tendons, and ligaments which all enable the movement of the arm. When these tissues become damaged due to traumatic events, they can then lead to shoulder pain. For example, muscles and tendons can be torn due to traumatic impact around the shoulder, which causes severe shoulder pain. Besides this direct injury, the tissues surrounding the joint can also become inflamed and then cause shoulder pain.

Even though the shoulder joint is meant to move and support activity, overuse can still cause shoulder pain. This is most often observed in athletes who perform activities involving the shoulder like javelin throwers. People who also do manually intensive work can also overuse their shoulders, also leading to Nerve impingement and shoulder pain.

When the muscles are repeatedly contracted and relaxed, they rub against the tendons and ligaments too much and lead to inflammation. There can be 2 causes of shoulder pain from overuse – tendonitis and bursitis. Tendonitis occurs when the tendon has been overused and becomes swollen while bursitis occurs when the bursa is inflamed.

Medically, these problems are referred to as rotator cuff tendonitis and bursitis because they affect the rotator cuff.

Shoulder instability refers to a situation where the shoulder joint does not move as it is supposed to. The worst case scenario involves a complete dislocation of the joint where the ball of the humerus pops out of the shoulder blade socket. More often, there is usually only some difficulty or hindrance to the joint’s movement. Instability is often caused by trauma which knocks the joint out of place, but it can also happen gradually and naturally. Either way, it leads to shoulder pain that will need medical attention.

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, leading to shoulder pain, swelling, redness and a thickening of the affected bursa. Bursa is a filled sac with fluid, located around every joint in the human body, surrounded by tendons, muscles, and skin. Bursa helps lubricate the joint while moving it reducing this way the friction with every movement. In most cases shoulder bursitis is caused by repeated trauma to the shoulder joint or an overuse of this joint.

Because your shoulder joint involves bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscles that allow such a wide range of motion, determining the exact cause of your shoulder pain requires experience and detective work. Activities as simple as scratching your back or tossing a ball in the yard can inflame or impinge soft tissue.

Athletes are especially susceptible to rotator cuff injury as repetitive motions increase wear and tear on joints. Come visit our clinic and meet one of our NJ shoulder pain doctors if you have a pain as a result of a rotator cuff injury. We can help.

Regardless of the cause behind your shoulder pain, you should visit one of our nearby clinics and seek medical help. In many cases no treatment is needed or only conservative treatment which require applying warm or cold packs, taking over the counter painkillers and in cases of severe pain, prescribed painkillers, giving your shoulder the needed time to rest and recover. However, in serious cases a specialized treatment might be necessary, sometimes even surgical treatment.

If you are in pain we can help. If you have any questions for our team of top pain management specialists in New Jersey, please contact us by phone at: (732) 906-9600

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