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How to Improve Local SEO: Top 10 Ways

By The Market Hut - Digital Marketing Agency in South Carolina

How to Improve Local SEO: Top 10 Ways

10/13/2020 We all have heard of the importance of SEO for business. While SEO operates on a global level, focusing more on the ranking of the searches across the globe. Local SEO is essential for smaller firms and focuses more on SERPs in a specific location. The development of the strategy is regional. It relies on the marketing, promotion of any product or service in a particular region.

Optimising SEO locally will mean, growth of the businesses in a particular region. We all have a great discussion about SEO. What we miss is that more than 60% of business needs a good local SEO strategy to have sufficient control over the market in their domain. The focused approach helps local firms to compete against the much larger brand who focus on national marketing. By focusing on local SEO, one can compensate for the effect of a bigger brand in the market.

Now, that we have read the importance of local SEO let us take a look at the top 10 ways which the brands may adopt to focus on local SEO.

1. Set up Google My Business account

Optimising your listing on Google is the best way to stand out on tools like google maps. True or untrue, it is a myth that google often give privilege to customers relying more on Google. Almost 90% of searches are done today on google. The best way to match the expectation is to use apps developed by google to generate trust. Setting up a Google My Business account will give you access to some insights to improve business. After providing all the details, your information will be added to the dashboard and search results on google.

· To optimise your business, a few things to make sure are
· Create an account and verify the ownership
· Provide accurate information
· Include logo, hours of operation, payment methods and plenty of images
· Publish posts in the interest of the customer

2. Getting Reviews from Customer
An important of marketing your business is to get reviews from customers who are happy with your services. It not only optimizes the SEO performance but also promotes customers to buy from you. Personal recommendations are a helpful tool for customers to trust a business.

· Tips to encourage customers to leave reviews are:
· Ask for a review in person after-sale
· Through post-purchase email

3. Voice Search
We all can see that voice search has a great scope of future development. Thus, optimizing according to how people ask specific questions about your business is critical. With this, you will need to adjust the SEO of your content to match new requirements. Also, the answers to these common questions must be short and easy, i.e. in a conversational tone.

4. Creating content around local stories or event

There is nothing impactful for local customers than a local story. Some strategies include
Writing a blog post about activities or events
Creating a video about cues your business supports
Creating different local location pages focusing on a particular niche

5. Optimizing Website for Mobile

More than 70% of people use a mobile phone to search for different things. With this changing trend, you have to optimize your website for mobile to ensure local SEO. Working towards less loading time, using easy to read fonts, using an image with good UI/Ux design are some way to optimise the site for mobile.

6. Local Keywords

While doing local SEO the most crucial part becomes focusing on local keywords. It generally starts with including locations in your keyword. Include mention of region-specific landmark and hotspot areas in your content. You should then focus on meta titles, URL and how the copy is developed.

7. Use location Specific About us page
Location pages are necessary, especially when your business operates at more than one location. The minimum details provided should be store hours, name, address, phone number, individualized description, testimonials, promotions, location of google maps attached to the page.

8. Using online Business Directories
There are many online business directories which will help in the visibility of your business. It will boost local SEO and will include all the relevant details like address, phone number and backing to your website.

9. High-quality backlinks

It is common practice in national SEO where business tries to get good backlinks for better response on the website. It is a crucial step which can prove beneficial for business. For example, if you are a food partner and a trustable food application includes you in their section, then you will get a good response from the listing. The boost will increase the quality of your SEO. Creating high-quality content which pushes others to link to your site will be helpful, including a guest post on a reputable site also a good option.

10. Having a dedicated page for each service or product
Business often makes a big mistake of trying to fit all the products on a single page in a hope of better visibility. However, this clutter can result in poor traffic as the customer might be able to find easily what they exactly are looking. Your local SEO will get a boost if you create separate pages for each product with all the relevant details.


SEO is changing rapidly. Inclusion of local SEO into business is the latest way to focus on the market in particular areas. Even big giants seeing the importance of local SEOs are assigning their teams to work locally in an area for a better reach. A typical example would be various Netflix Instagram handle for different countries. By implementing these ten basic methods your business can grow a ton. You can even implement some complex measures later.
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