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Why The Best Travelers Get The West Palm Jet Private Jet Card

By West Palm Jets

Why The Best Travelers Get The West Palm Jet Private Jet Card

05/28/2019 Travel nowadays need more flexibility because of immediate changes in work schedules, the number of people joining the trip or even a change of destination. The best way your private jet provider can adjust to your travel preferences is through the use of a premium private jet card at West Palm Jet Charter, which can give the privilege of adjusting your flight details to match your travel needs.
You Can Fly 25 Hours a YearThe standard business executive flies 25 hours a year, which makes it a sweet deal for those wanting to fly without having to register and make online payments every trip. The West Palm Jets private jet card gives you the freedom to book your flights directly by calling the West Palm Jets hotline.he flight team will be the ones to debit the cost of travel from your private jet card.
No Additional Charges for a YearEnjoy no price increase for hourly rates and fuel surcharges on your West Palm Jets Private Jet Card. Having this card saves you more cash than opting for a regular private jet charter.
More Affordable Than National Jet CardsThe West Palm Jets private jet card is 10%-30% lower-priced than national jet cards with the same quality. 24/7 jet advisors and a dedicated 24/7 flight team are ready to accommodate your booking and other inquiries in just four hours.
5 Hours Guaranteed AvailabilityGetting a secure booking is at the top of every traveler’s priority list. This is why West Palm Jets ensures you the guaranteed availability of your chosen flight schedule and private jet category within 5 hours upon booking, so there’s no need for stress.
All-inclusive Fees in One CardHave you ever heard of taxi time fees and ferry fees? You will not be charged these since the West Palm Jets’ private jet card has all-inclusive fees. This gives you more flexibility in your travels without straining your budget.
International Safety StandardsWest Palm Jets private jet cards are certified by Wyvern and Argus jet charter aircraft safety standards, so you can travel with ease anywhere in the world.
Another plus for travelers who get a West Palm Jets private jet card is that they can enjoy discounts and other privileges from partner restaurants and hotels. Get satisfying travel with a West Palm Jets private jet card that will suit your preferences. Call (888) 507-8582 to get started.

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